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 Our mission is to identify and
satisfy the customers needs profitably.

 Vision   Dreams   Hard Work   Reality

For more than 50 years, Truck Parts Inc of Charlotte, NC has served the heavy duty transportation industry as a leader in truck transmissions and differential remanufacturing. Large inventories of the highest quality new and re-manufactured transmission, rear end differentials, and gear related products are readily available.  We take pride in calling ourselves the ”One Stop Gear Shop”. On our shelves, you will have available the most frequently used popular parts and very important little hard to find pieces.  Our professional staff of countermen and our excellent service department offer you years of experience to make sure you get the right part on time.

Realizing that down time costs money, we are committed to providing
he highest quality truck parts available, in the
shortest amount of time possible.

All of this began as a vision of our founder James G. (Bill) Sims

Family owned and operated for more than five decades, Truck Parts Inc. evolved from the vision and hard work of our founder James G. (Bill) Sims, his wife Mary K. Sims and his sons of which the youngest of the four, Robert K Sims currently serves as President and CEO. Knowledge from the father passed down through the generation still applies to treating the customer the way you would want to be treated.  Excellent customer relationship, highest quality service and fair pricing have allowed us to be an industry leader in a market that deserves only the best rear end parts, heavy duty transmissions, differentials and other semi truck parts.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, fair pricing and
the best workmanship available….

That is our commitment to YOU….

Robert K Sims – President

Our Business:

Decades ago, James G
(Bill) Sims and his youngest
son Robert K Sims (who is the
current company President
and CEO) decided it would be
best to specialize in what Bill
had taught Robert the most about.
Truck transmissions and
rear ends is where we focused
and therefore we added the
“One Stop Gear Shop”  to all
our promotions letting the
world know that Truck Parts Inc
is a highly specialized company
promoting transmissions,
differentials, and all heavy duty
gear related products.



Meet Our Staff:

Robert K Sims –  President

Ron Goodman – Gen. Manager

Dennis Clayton – Sales / Service Coordinator

Jimmy Peagler –  Sales


Truck Parts Inc

We Are The
“One Stop Gear Shop”

That’s who we are.

Serving the Southeast since “1966”

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