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Rear Ends

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Commercial Truck Parts For Sale in Charlotte, North Carolina


 We are the “One Stop Gear Shop”

With a $1,000,000.00 inventory, look no further. We have what you need. Heavy Duty Commercial Truck Parts For Sale in Charlotte, North Carolina

Remanufactured Transmissions & Heavy Duty Truck Parts NC, VA & MD

Need a Housing? We’ve got them too…

Shelves full of Fuller, Eaton, Rockwell, Spicer Dana… “You name it, we’ve got it”

Where’s the Gear?

Well if it’s a gear for a truck look no further than TRUCK PARTS INC the “One Stop Gear Shop”

Down time cost money.

We can get you going FAST!

Ring and Pinions of all types…

All ratios… Try Us


” We’ve Got ’em”

One at a time or neatly packaged into

Transmissions and Differentials

..it’s Your choice

Call us today at 866-413-6599 for differential & transmission parts.

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